Kitty Scratch

Where did you grow up?

I grew up in Bridgeport, CT.  

At what age did you start DJing?


What or who inspired you to become a DJ?

I was inspired by the movie "JUICE". When I was 3 years old, I use to always watch the movie and loved watching the DJs battle as well as hearing the scratching sounds on the record. I was intrigued by just watching the DJs have control of the turntables, it was always dope to watch to the point I wanted to turn it into reality for me.  

Do you remember the first time you ever got on the turntables and rocked a party?

The first time I got on turntables was at the age of 4, my grandfather use to have some in the house and I used to play on it but i didn't learn how to use turntables until I enrolled at Scratch DJ Academy in NYC. My first time I rocked a party was actually at my graduation at Scratch DJ Academy. 

If you could go back in time as A DJ what era would you re-visit?

If I could go back in time I would definitely revisit the "GOLDEN ERA"  

Who were some of your favorite DJ's coming up?

My favorite DJs coming up and still remain my favorite today is the legendary DJ Jam Master Jay, DJ Jazzy Jeff, DJ Kid Capri, DJ Scratch, and DJ Spinderalla.

How do you deal with people that get it twisted when it comes to business..? in other words promoters and others that assume just because you're a female they can mix business with pleasure.

People definitely can get it twisted sometimes but I always set boundaries and let it be known that its strictly business and all about the music for me.  

How would you describe your taste in music? and what type of music do you spin?

Im very versatile when it comes to music. I love and appreciate all genre of music so I pretty much spin it all.

Every DJ has at least one... so whats one record that people would be shocked to find in your collection?

People would definitely be surprised to find Bon Jovi " You Give Love A Bad Name" in my collection.

Do you remember the first record you ever bought?

The first record I ever brought was by OUTKAST. "SouthernPlayalisticadillacmuzik " album never gets old to me. When I was 5 years old, I moved to ATL and lived there for 2 years so I was definitely influenced by Outkast's music.  

When you're not DJing for others..
what do you mostly listen to when you're just chillin' or in your own zone?

It all depends on how I'm feeling that day to be honest. I might play my favorite rapper DMX all day or switch it up and listen to house music LOL it all depends on my emotions.

Who are some of your favorite artists out right now?

Nipsey Hussle, Nick Grant, Kehlani, Ella Mai, Dreezy, and Senica Da Misfit.  

Are you or do you plan on gettin' into production as far as producing/ remixing, making beats, etc.?

Yes, Im getting into producing now, I love making beats. Im passionate about all aspect of music. I love learning new skills within music.

Do you have any advice or words of encouragement for all the young
females that wish to follow in your footsteps

My advice to the young queens out there will be to just always keep GOD first, stay true to yourself, NETWORK, stay consistent, and never give up on your dreams no matter what challenges you might face in life!