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  • Q&A

  • Quinnette
    I officially began Djing here recently at the age of 20! Thatís when I got my first Technic 1200. Iíve been collecting music ever since I could remember, and I would think to myself ďman if there was only some way I could make cdís and playlists for the rest of my life that would be greatĒ but didnít have much exposure to ďDJingĒ at that time. So Iíve always loved music, but it took a while to register that Djing was an option. READ MORE

  • Kitty Scratch
    I was inspired by the movie "JUICE". When I was 3 years old, I use to always watch the movie and loved watching the DJs battle as well as hearing the scratching sounds on the record. I was intrigued by just watching the DJs have control of the turntables, it was always dope to watch to the point I wanted to turn it into reality for me. READ MORE